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"China Eye" FAST found six pulsars

Date:2017年10月11日 15:56
Yesterday, the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced: "China Eye" FAST found six pulsars.     National Observatory researcher Li: From the end of August, we began to find high-quality pulse star candidate. By the beginning of September, when it was confirmed two, the day before yesterday, the day before yesterday, including last week in Guizhou through remote observation and confirmed four.   By system certification, one of the pulsars is numbered J1859-0131, the rotation period is 1.83 seconds, and the earth is about 16,000 light years away. There is also a number of J1931-01, rotation cycle of 0.59 seconds, estimated at about 4100 light years from the Earth.       National Observatory researcher Li: It shows the progress of FAST debugging, very good, beyond our expectations and international similar large-scale equipment practice, I think it really means: the beginning of the world's scientists, with the original Chinese astronomical equipment To the system to make a discovery of the times, the future for the discovery of pulsars and the future of other galaxies inside the discovery, it into a system, and can provide daily research.   Using FAST early scientific data center in Guizhou Normal University for data processing, FAST detected dozens of high-quality pulsar candidates.     Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference Vice President FAST Early Data Center Laboratory Director Xie Xiaoyao: It is the calculation, for the scientists to find a final discovery of a strong computing power. The state can put such a major scientific infrastructure in Guizhou, we Guizhou people have the honor to participate in the country in the field of science and technology development, contribute to our part of Guizhou power, I think this is also very lucky, very proud, very proud of.   The pulsars are produced by the evolution of stars and supernovae, which, like the beacons in the vast universe, emit periodic pulse signals, hence the name of the pulsars. The pulsar's rotation cycle is extremely stable and becomes an ultra-high precision clock for human measurements of space. For example, we drive on earth and rely on satellites in the sky to give positioning. And the universe is vast, once the spacecraft into the depths of the universe, telescopes, satellites can not be directly observed, you need to rely on the exact time provided by the pulsars to calculate a certain time the arrival of a spacecraft arrived. In addition, the study of pulsars, but also get gravitational waves, black holes around the mysterious time and many other major physical questions of the answer.   "China Eye" eyes "see" 2 pulsars will find what the future?   4100 light years, 16,000 light years. Located in the mountains of Guizhou, "China Eye", just a "open eyes" to "see" from the earth so far 2 pulsars.   10, the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that the 500-meter-scale spherical radio telescope (FAST) after a year of intense debugging, has been achieved, tracking, drift scanning and other modes of observation of the smooth operation and confirm the number of newly discovered pulsars.   Pulsar family for the first time with the "Chinese Star"   This is the first time that China's astronomical equipment found pulsars, to achieve the field of "zero breakthrough." Since the discovery of the first pulsar in 1967, the past 50 years, the human discovery of the pulsars family at least 2700 members.   National Observatory announced the specific information of the two pulsars: the former rotation cycle of 1.83 seconds, about 16,000 light years from the Earth, the latter rotation cycle of 0.59 seconds, about 4100 light years from the Earth, respectively, by the "China Eye" in August 22 this year, 25 days in the South Tiandang Road through the drift scan found.   This is only part of the discovery of "China Eye". "Days eye" project deputy chief engineer Li 菂 introduced, "eye" debugging progress than expected, has detected dozens of high-quality pulsar candidate, of which six through international certification.   According to scientists, the pulsar is a high-speed rotation neutron star, produced by the evolution of stars and supernovae. Its density is extremely high, each cubic centimeter weighs hundreds of millions of tons, a square sugar size is equivalent to the earth on the 10,000 tons of tons of wheel weight. Pulsar rotation speed is very fast, the rotation cycle is accurate, is the most accurate clock in the universe. Because of this, the pulsars will send a continuous cycle of the pulse signal, like the lighthouse of the rotation issued a flickering light.   This special "skill", so that the pulsar in the timing, gravitational wave detection, general relativity test and other fields have important applications. Li said that pulsars have extreme physical properties that can not be achieved in ground laboratories, and that their research is expected to yield answers to many major physical problems. For example, the pulsar's rotation period is extremely stable and accurate clock signal provides the ideal tool for gravitational wave detection, spacecraft navigation and other major scientific and technical applications.   "By long-term monitoring of fast-rotating radioactive pulsars, selecting a certain number of pulsars to form a timing array can detect low-frequency gravitational waves from objects such as supermassive double black holes." Li said.   George Hobbs, director of science at the Australian Institute of Science and Industry Parkes, says one of the most exciting events in international astronomy.   Debugging a year on the results, to comfort the "father of the day" Nan Ren Dong   The original idea of ​​"sky eye" comes from the late astronomer Nan Rendong. Proposed from 1994, officially opened in 2016, 22 years, Nan Rendong and his team to promote this seemingly incredible world-class project.   Design and structure are no precedent to follow, "days of eye" early investigation encountered great difficulties. "God eye" engineering chief technician Wang Qiming said that the system began to focus on equipment tracking and maintenance, the system does not seem to debug the problem, but the system after the transfer, the system of communication, algorithm unity, security coordination and a series The problem is gradually exposed.   During the intermodulation period, the working state of the "eye of the eye" is basically working separately during the day, and the meeting is discussed at night, and the procedure is changed overnight. The next day and then try the new plan, and finally transferred to the optimal. In the "days of eye" after the completion of the opening of 380 days and nights, unless the power outage, the total control room is always twenty-four hours without a break. During the day, the engineering team and the construction side of the staff focused on debugging; at night, researchers will face fixed, let it point to a specific area, through the earth rotation, so that the sky drift from the top of the telescope scan.   Li said that drift scanning in the pulsar search rarely used, but debugging can only use this way, to this end, researchers not only need to re-design the software, data processing should pay more labor, but the end The result is exciting, "Sky Eye" can get one or two high-quality pulse star candidates for each scan.   National Observatory researcher, "days of eye" project manager Peng Bo said that after the completion of similar large-scale radio telescope abroad after the general need for 3 years to 5 years of debugging phase, and "eye" debugging a year to obtain the initial results.   "Sky Eye" will look for "alien" will dominate the future of the universe   Chinese and foreign scientists are looking forward to "days of eye" from the amount of change to qualitative change. "Sky Eye" if the first to capture the river outside the galaxy pulsars, will have a groundbreaking significance. Li and his research team have been technically prepared to observe the extraterrestrial galaxies, as early as the beginning of next year will try.   The first discovery of the pulsar astronomer Jossine Bell visited the "China Eye" earlier this year, and she expects the world's largest radio telescope to find more faint, distant, unique pulsars, including the discovery of rotation around the black hole Of the pulsars.   For the observation of the scope of the known cosmic edge of the "eye", the discovery of pulsars is only one of the mission, the future, it will also be neutral hydrogen observation, spectral observation, to find possible interstellar communication signals, etc. shine The   The Big Bang theory that neutral hydrogen is almost the same age with the big bombers of the "old people", observation and study of neutral hydrogen distribution, can help scientists to further understand the galaxy and the structure of galaxies outside the universe, the universe Origin and evolution of the mystery. "China Sky Eye will draw the latest and largest standard cosmic sky chart through patronizing the neutral hydrogen in the universe," said Marko Krco, a postdoctoral fellow at the National Observatory's "Eye of the Day" program.   "China Eye" can even "monitor" the universe may exist in the extraterrestrial civilization issued by the radio waves. The Parkes telescope currently has 20% of the time allocated to "looking for aliens", but still nothing, "China Eye" looks farther, maybe, "said George Hobbs, director of science at the Australian Institute of Science and Industry Parkes Telescope. There will be exciting news in the future.   "Sky" where the stars see the sky. The picture is provided by the National Observatory     "Sky eye" sky bright stars. The picture is provided by the National Observatory   About pulsar, you can not know 11 knowledge   1, what is the pulsar?   I am a pulsar, high-speed rotation of the neutron star, is a huge star after the explosion formed by the stars. In addition to the black hole in the universe, basically my family is the most "cattle."   2, where the pulsar "cattle"   I am a star in the absolute fitness master, the most developed muscle, high density. I weigh every cubic centimeter equivalent to the quality of 10,000 tons of ships on earth. I am a piece of sugar on the size of the body, weighing hundreds of millions of tons.   3, how fast is the pulsar?   Earth rotation to 24 hours a week, and my rotation cycle in seconds, the fastest as long as a few seconds! How about it? It is precisely because of this that I will launch periodic radio pulses.   4, pulsars and what unique skills?   I can reach tens of thousands of times per second, the most accurate clock in the universe.   My magnetic field to reach one trillion gauss, three times more than the Earth's magnetic field.   5, pulsars first discovered by who?   In 1967, the British female doctor Jossine Bell discovered the first pulsar in human history. However, many people say that her mentor steals her results and monopolizes the Nobel Prize.   6, how many people found the pulse of human stars?   According to incomplete statistics, human discovery of the pulsar family has more than 2,700 members.   7, why did not the Chinese before the discovery of pulsars?   Because "China Eye" FAST was only 1 years old, and "American Eye" Arecibo has ... ... cough, cough ... ... 54 years old.   8, pulsar family first "Chinese star" how far?   By the scientists with "China Eye" found and through the international certification of two pulsars, a number J1859-0131, rotation cycle 1.83 seconds, about 16,000 light years from the Earth; another number J1931-01, rotation cycle For 0.59 seconds, about 4100 light years from Earth.   9, pulsar family first "Chinese star" by whom found?   Chinese Academy of Sciences National Astronomical Observatory radio astronomy research chief scientist Li 菂 led his team, respectively, in August 22 and August 25 this year, the use of "eye" in the South Tiandang Road through the drift scan found, and in September by the international certification.   10, the future pulse star family to add new members who have the final say?   If the past 50 years, the new generation of pulsar star family found that the Western developed countries have the final say, that the next 20 years will be a large part of China. "China Eye" is expected to find more wonderful, new pulsar system, to explore the Einstein proposed on the earth can not verify the various hypotheses.   11, why China has this emboldened?   Because in the "China Eye" before all the telescopes on Earth can only see the Milky Way in the pulsars.   With the "China Eye" joined the radio telescope family, scientists predict that the human pulse star family is expected to double the expansion, and will see the extrasolar galaxies, or see the black stars around the pulsars.     And "China Eye" in 20 years are expected to maintain the status of world-class telescope.
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